OAK High Speed, Commercial Hand Dryer (Gray, 120V)

COMMERCIAL HAND DRYER. With advanced state-of-the-art features, the Alpine is a great solution for hand drying in restrooms of offices, malls, rest stops, restaurants and other commercial establishments. It features a water reservoir to keep the floor and surrounding area dry, and a removable drain tank on the bottom for easy cleaning.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION. Built to provide long-term use, this commercial hand dryer is expertly crafted out of durable and long-lasting ABS plastic construction. Resistant to chemicals, heat and impact, this material is also easy to clean with a damp cloth when needed.
EXTRAORDINARY QUALITY. Unlike other hand dryers, the Alpine Industries OAK operates more silently with 70 takes only eight seconds to dry hands. A replaceable HEPA filter removes the bacteria from the air used to dry hands, helping to keep the motor and other parts clean for extended use.
SEAMLESS INCORPORATION. To suit everyone’s needs, this high speed hand dryer is offered in both a 120- and 220-volt version. It’s also available in white and gray shades, both of which will easily fit into and enhance any interior space.
EASY OPERATION. Boasting an automatic, touch-free operation, the user simply inserts his/her hands into the dryer and slowly raises hands up to dry them. The dryer is outfitted with a plug-in option for fast and easy installation, and can be set for low or high speed as well as cold or hot air temperature.